Join the Zapi Affiliate Movement and earn up to 10% when your friends complete a purchase. 

Zapi Affiliate Program

Are you an influencer?

Are you a blogger?

Are you good with marketing?

Do you want more money on the side?

Do you love beauty?

Here is an opportunity for you!

We have 3 affiliate levels:

Level 1- You will earn 6% on sales.

Level 2- You will earn 8% on sales.

Level 3- You will earn 10% on sales.

*Every beginner starts from level 1*

Why you should join our movement

  1. You can earn as high as 10% when you get to level 3.
  2. You can cash out as soon as friends complete their purchase through your link. No need waiting for 30days.
  3. You can track your earnings and sales from any part of the world on your account.
  4. You will gain access to newsletters with special offers, coupon codes and banners you can repost/share for marketing.
  5. You can work from home.
  6. You will get your personalized link for marketing. Once a purchase is complete through your link, you earn commission.


Tools you need:

  1. A laptop/ Tablet/iPhone (any )
  2. An active social media platform
  3. A PayPal account

Start earning today!



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