Question 1: How long does it take to process and ship an order?
Answer: It takes 1-3days to process and ship orders. 
Question 2: How long does it take to receive an order after shipping?
Answer: We use USPS as our shipping provider.
 • First class mail takes 2-5 business days to arrive to the customer’s address.
• Priority mail takes 2-3 business days to arrive to customer’s address. 
• Free delivery package may take 2-5 days to arrive to the customer’s address. 
Please a Note: This Covid 19 pandemic may slow deliveries.
QUESTION 3: Can I pickup from the store?
Answer: We currently run a warehouse for shipping online orders. No physical store available at the moment. The address provided on our website is mainly for returns. 


Question 1: My scalp still itches after using Hair Growth Stimulating Formula, what should I do?
Answer: If you have been experiencing itchy scalp before using our product and it persist  after using our product, please check your sugar level , hormone levels and carbohydrate intake or better still consult your doctor. 
Question 2: I have a fragile and fine hair, can I use The Lucious Collection?
The Lucious Collection is for medium to thick type 4b/4c hair.  If your hair is fragile, fine and weak, you need more of our protein set which we will have on our website soon. 
Question 3: Who can use The Luscious Collection?
Answer: Women, men and kids with Type 4b/4c tight coily hair. Type 4a can also use this collection and If you have mixed Type 4 hair like; Type 4a/4b hair,  The Luscious Collection is also for you. 
Question 4: How long does it take to see results using Hair Growth Stimulating Formula?
Answer: One is expected to see huge result from 2 weeks to 6months as result vary on individual. This does not mean you won’t see Little results as little as in 7days. To notice a bigger difference, from two weeks is ideal.
Question 5: Why is the ingredient list on Hair Growth Stimulating Formula label less than the ingredient list on the website?
Answer: This is because we add new ingredients to our formulation frequently. We exercise quality control which is top-notch. 
 New labels are being updated from time to time but our website has the latest ingredient list update. 
Question 5: Can Zapi products grow my hair fast?
Answer: Yes! Zapi Hair Growth Stimulating Formula  will help stimulate fast/wild growth. While our Collection will help retain the length of your growing hair by helping with manageability. Please also understand this; it’s not all about products, Low manipulation and non stop protective styling is also vital. Please visit our blog : For more Haircare tips. 


Question 1: Are Zapi skincare products natural?
Answer: Yes all Zapi skincare products are 100% organic.  Kindly go through our ingredient list. 
Question 2: Can I use the Essential Body Oil on my face?
Answer: Yes you can. It is safe. 
Question 3: Will the beard oil grow my beards?
Answer: Zapi Beard Oil helps with shine and nourishment. It may also help with growing beards.


Question 1: How long does it take to receive goods after order has been shipped?
Answer: It takes 10-21 business days depending on weight/size of package and location.
Question 2: What locations do you ship to?
Answer: Zapi ships to Canada, Europe, Australia and Africa for now. 


Question 1: Can I become a distributor or a retailer?
Answer: Yes, we welcome distributors and retailers worldwide. Please Contact Us for more information.