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 When it comes to growing and retaining your hair length, hair products alone isn’t everything. Careful manipulation and non stop protective styling is also vital.

“Choose health over length”

 Maybe your hair has been growing but you haven’t been able to retain 
length because ends are either splitted, knotted, dry or exposed. This will cause breakage each time you comb.

Here are some tips to follow for hair length retention:

1. If your present hairstylist has little to no experience on type4 haircare , you may need to find a licensed professional hairstylist who is very experienced in caring for textured hair. If you can’t find one, you can become your own hairstylist!

2. Find hair products that are more organic. The more organic a haircare product is, the better for your hair. Zapi haircare product line is organic and cruelty free.

3. Create a healthy Haircare regimen. Pay attention to your hair. Have a hair wash day, you will wash, condition and moisturize your hair. Twice a month or once a month preferably.

4. i, Section your hair before combing and do not comb your kikky hair when it’s dry. ii, Avoid combing your hair in a rush, learn to exercise patience during your combing session because at this point our hair will either react negatively or positively . iii, Moisturize each sectioned hair before detangling with comb. Comb from end to root, avoid combing from root to end.

5. Always wear a low manipulation hairstyles that will keep your ends tucked away from your enviroment. 

6. Use silk or satin bonnet / pillow cover to sleep. This will protect your hair from losing moisture, keep your hairstyle fresh and make your hair happier.

7. Deep condition your hair every wash day. Deep conditioning is a temporal treatment because you have to rinse it out off your hair, this is needed on every wash day unless you decide to do only water washing between wash days that will not require deep conditioning.
Product Recommendation:
Zapi Hair Nourishment Masque 

8. Find out if your hair is sensitive to any product ingredients like oils or protein. Examples of protein ingredients in a product that are good for your hair if used moderately but bad for your hair when over used: Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, hydrolyzed soy protein, silk protein, keratin, biotin.
These are oils your hair May react to:
Coconut oil, soy oil and sunflower oil

9. Moisturize your hair after every wash and before protective style. It’s important you understand oils don’t moisturize your hair, water based products do.

Product Recommendation:
Step 1 – Hair Softener -Leave-in Conditioner ( moisture)
Step 2 – Hair Seal & Shine (locks moisture into hair)

Adjustable Silk Lined Hair Bonnet is good for your hair.

Adjustable Silk Lined Hair Bonnet is good for your hair.

If you want to retain your hair length monthly,  keep this in mind, SILK BONNET IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! It is not a moisturizer you put in your hair neither is it a hairstyling accessory but let’s just call it a POWERFUL HAIR TOOL that is way important than a shower...

Know Your Hair Porosity

Know Your Hair Porosity

High Porosity Hair- This is caused by either using chemical relaxer, hair dye, excess heat from flat irons and blow dryers or genetic. Moisture loss is a major problem because cuticles are open and exposed. Moisture gets into hair fast but dries out within a short...