The Importance of Deep Conditioning.

Deep Conditioning is temporal, therefore it should be incorporated to our regular hair care regimen. With all the manipulations we do to our hair its important we give our hair a temporal treatment to support health, hydration, strength and overall appearance.

Types of Deep Conditioning Treatments. 
1. Moisture 
2. Protein

Moisture Deep Conditioning Treatment: Moisture deep conditioners focus on adding moisture to hair in order to soften and make it easier to manipulate hair. Moisture deep conditioner also provides the hair with intense nourishment by depositing all moisturising ingredients. 
This should be used more often for a normal hair, at least twice a month(if you wash your hair twice a month) or three times in 2months.

Zapi Botanics Deep Nourishing Hair Masque is a moisture deep conditioner.

Protein Deep Conditioning Treatment:
Protein Conditioners are used to strengthen hair by adding amino acids. This is to rebuild damage that has occur to the hair follicle. 
Protein deep conditioners also decrease shedding and severe breakage. This is to be used less often for a normal hair at least once in two (2)months(if you wash twice a month) and more for a weak, chemically processed and chemically damaged hair at least once a month.

Zapi Botanics 5minutes Reconstructing Hair Masque.

Benefits of Deep Conditioning:

•Prevents Damage: Deep conditioning contributes to reducing breakage, split ends and improve your hair health.

•Promotes Elasticity: Deep Conditioning your hair improves the elasticity of your strands by coating, nourishing and strengthening it. For fine hair it thickens strands.

•Restores Shine and Luster: If you find your hair is dull and dry, a deep conditioning can repair damage and smooth the hair shaft thereby increasing its natural shine.

•Infuses Hydration: 
A hydrated hair equals to a healthy hair. Moisture deep conditioner improves hair moisture retention.

Who should Deep Condition?
All hair types( wavy, curly, kinky) and relaxed hair. Every hair needs it as long as we manipulate our hair.
Note: Detangling hair is also manipulation.

How to Deep Condition:
1.Wash hair
2.Dry up excess water
3.Apply deep conditioner
4.Cover hair with plastic cap
5.Sit under low heat if you have a low porosity hair. Or
Cover with a bonnet and carry for 45-60mins.
6.Rinse with cool water before using leave-ins

~Princess C. Okereke.