How can I make my curls pop with your products?

Have realistic expectations for the curl definition your natural hair is able to achieve. A woman with 4b hair is going to have totally different curl definition than someone with a 3c hair type. You can enhance your curls by making sure they are thoroughly moisturized and twist/curl ,with our Curling Custard and give your hair enough setting time or use low heat.

Do I have to do the big chop to go natural?

No, you do not. If you are uncomfortable with a shorter hair style, then you can slowly transition and when you are ready you can cut the remainder of chemical processed ends off.

I want to grow longer hair faster, what do I do?

Growing long hair requires patience and gentle care. Hair an average grows ½ inch per month, so don’t set yourself up for disappointment. Keeping your hair moisturised, implementing protective styling, proper detangling, and time will give you the progress that you seek to achieve.

Why won’t my hair grow?

This is such a general question there are a lot of contributing factors but generally speaking if you are doing the following, you should definitely experience some growth. At least this is what worked for me.

• Trims as needed
It’s not necessary you have a ‘trim clock’. Trim when necessary especially when you notice increased breakage, increase tangles and increased split ends. Possibly 4-6 months.
• Much of length retention is dependent on how wep[ll you nurture    your ends. Sealing your ends is a crucial step in your process.

• Maintain moisture levels
Add moisture and keep the moisture in.


• Wrap it up!
Satin scarf and pillow case are a must if you want to keep your hair hydrated.


I am running out of style ideas for my short natural hair, any suggestions?

Most of us feel we are limited when our hair is at a shorter length, but there really are an abundance of short natural hair styles that you can choose from.  Hair styles include comb or finger coils, afro pony tails faked with a stretchy headband, two strand twists, rod sets, and more.

How can I keep my natural hair moisturised and soft with your products?

Use our Leave-in Conditioner, Hair Butter or Hair Growth Lotion seal & Shine oil for daily moisture. Separate your hair into 4 or more sections. Secure each section with hair holders or clips. Add water and some amount of Leave-in Conditioner into a spray bottle and spray on all sections. Next, apply Seal and shine oil. Lastly finish the process by applying Hair Butter or Hair Growth Lotion . The layer process helps to seal moisture into your hair.

What are the best products for natural hair?

For Low porosity hair, opt for Low porosity Collection, Medium or High porosity, opt for Medium to High porosity Collection.

Do I have to wash my hair every day?

Absolutely not! While your hair was or is short, you can be partial to wash and go’s which meant daily cleansing. As your hair grows, the wash and go will no longer be conducive, so start trying other styles such as natural hair braids/weaves and natural hair mini twist  or use extensions (less of this is better off) and start cleansing once per week or once in two weeks. Honestly it depends on the weather, how you are wearing your hair and how much product you’ve used throughout the week. 

Can relaxed hair use your products?

We recommend Leave-In Conditioner, 5minutes Reconstructing Hair Masque, Hair Growth Lotion for thick hair then Rinse-out conditioner, 5miuntes Reconstructing Hair Masque, Hair Growth Lotion, Hair Growth Oil for fine hair.

Do you produce relaxer?

No we don’t, we only have organic hair treatments for relaxed hair.

How often should I comb my hair?

For natural hair we advise when damp and conditioned, never comb a dry hair. First, finger comb before using your comb, do this once a week or once in two weeks. For relaxed hair we advise you also comb when damp and conditioned not wet. For both natural and relaxed hair, section hair before combing, never comb your hair at once.

My hair would look super short like that. How do you get it to not shrink up?

To combat shrinkage, stretch your hair. What does that mean? After shampooing/conditioning etc braid hair into 4-6 sections and allow it to air dry, typically overnight, before styling. The next day when it’s completely dry, the curls are more relaxed and stretched, then proceed with whatever style you choose. 

If I dye my natural hair, will it still remain natural?

Yes and no. If you dye your hair with natural dyes like henna, your hair can retain its natural state, but when you dye with chemical dye, it can’t retain its natural state because of the chemical present in the dye. It will only appear natural but not natural. Same applies to using texturisers. You can’t call your hair natural hence you’ve used chemical.

Do Zapi Botanics hair care products contain any Paraben preservative?

No. Zapi Botanics Hair Care Products uses only pure, certified organic ingredients in formulating her products. Zapi Botanics products are totally free of parabens, including methyl, butyl and ethyl. All Zapi Botanics products have certain shelf lives without using any synthetic preservatives.

 I have dandruff how do I combat it?

First we have to understand your face skin type dry or oily skin, your current hair care regime and products you use before we recommend products. For dry skin, we recommend you wash, moisturise and oil your scalp as often as possible. We recommend Black Mosturising Shampoo, Deep Nourishing Hair Masque and Hair Stimulator Growth Oil. For oily skin, we recommend Black Mosturising Shampoo, Scalp Soothe.

My edges are thinning out, how can you help?

Before we recommend products, we advise if you wear hair styles like braids, twists , tight weaves with extensions, you should stop for a while as you use our products, instead wear your hair out as often as possible,natural hairstyles work. We don’t guarantee restoration for permanent Alopecia (baldness) but our Hair Growth Collections have worked for couple of customers.

My hair is breaking a lot, what products do you recommend?

Deep Nourishing Hair Masque, Leave-In Conditioner, Seal and Shine Oil, Hair Butter.

NB; there are a lot of factors that contribute to hair breakage. Kindly contact us for free consultation.

Can you help me build a healthy hair care regime?

You receive a user guide once you purchase any of our hair collections. In it we explained how to use our products effectively.