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Using scissors that is not designed to cut hair can cause cuticle damage to the areas that are being cut. So although your ends may look “fresh and healthy” when you first cut them with the wrong type of scissors, what you will get is ends that are damaged as they are being cut.These damaged ends will then split easily and quickly which means you will end up having to trim your hair more frequently. This can be avoided by using the right type of scissors.

A good hair scissors should have sharp blades!!!!! 
A very sharp scissors is needed to give hair fibres that clean and smooth cut. A blunt scissors on the other hand will tear through the hair fibre damaging the cuticle and creating new splits although this may not be apparent at first.If a blunt scissors has been used, usually within a week or two, the ends that looked sharp and felt smooth will begin to look frayed and feel rough again.

To avoid this from happening, it is important that you use your hair scissors for cutting hair only and not other fibres like paper or fabric as this will cause the blades to become dull.

Please do not use your hair scissors to cut the hair of weaves and wigs even if they are labelled as 100% human hair or virgin hair.  Apparently such hair is usually coated or cleaned/treated with chemicals which can damage the scissors.

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