Hair Growth Stimulating Formula “Hair Loss Solution”


Zapi Hair Growth Stimulating Formula provides solution to hair loss by ;

  • Providing the follicle with essential nutrients that strengthen weak roots,
  • Stimulate mega growth,
  • Fight dandruff/scalp dryness , itchy scalp and
  • Prevent hair fall.
Our Hair Growth Serum is carefully formulated with certified essential oils, herbs and other organic ingredients that work great on thinning and receding hairline.


Hair Loss Guaranteed & Proven result:

One is expected to notice a huge result from 2weeks to 6months of usage as result vary on  individual case.

Journey to Waist Length:

When it comes to growing and retaining your hair length to be a noticeable result, hair products alone isn’t everything. Careful manipulation and non stop protective styling is also vital.
Castor oil, Olive oil, Neem oil, Cedarwood oil, Chili oil, Black pepper oil, Chebe oil, Peppermint oil, Tea Tree oil, Lavender oil, fenugreek oil, Flaxseed oil, Nettle Extract, Rosemary oil, green tea , Bhringraji Extract, Hemp seed oil, Mustard seed, Sesame oil, Basil, aloe Vera extract, Garlic seed, Onion seed, Almond oil, Tulsa, Biotin, Ginkgo Biloba, Black Tea, Aritha, Calendula, Chamomile, Dandelion, Ginseng, Ginger Root, Gotu Kola, Lemongrass, Saw Palmetto, Horsetail, Sage, Thyme….
Using the dropper, apply few drops to the problem area or on your entire scalp and massage, do not wash off. Do this twice daily for maximum result.
  • Use on scalp after braids to grease the scalp,
  • Use on edges before weaves/wigs to protect your edges.
  • Preheat and use on scalp as hot oil treatment,
  • Use on your dreadlocks to nourish your scalp.
Do not use on broken skin. For external use only. Avoid contact with the eyes. Keep out of reach of children.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose or cure or prevent any disease.*
No Sulfates
No Artificial Colorants
No Synthetic Fragrance
No Harmful Chemicals
No Preservatives
Gluten Free
Petroleum Free
Vegan Friendly

Additional information

Weight 222 g
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 3 in

4 Fl. Oz (118ml), 2 Fl. Oz (59ml)


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