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Hair Growth Collection

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Manipulating dry type 4 hair will cause breakage, and continuous breakage will make it difficult to retain new growth monthly.

Dryness is mainly caused by either using the wrong products for your hair or using too many products on your hair.

“Silicone and Coconut oil free products for Type 4 Low porosity hair.”

Using the right products for your hair type and porosity will unlock your hair’s potential.

This Collection is tailored for women, kids and men with type 4 low porosity hair who struggle with dryness and breakage. It contains ingredients that will provide your hair with a long lasting solution by keeping it soft, moisturized and hydrated which in return will prevent spilt ends, promote growth, protect against breakage, improve vibrancy and keep it healthy.

Products in this collection:
1. Hair Growth Stimulating Formula 4oz: This is oil and serum together. This will promote rapid growth, grease scalp, improve blood circulation around the scalp and strengthen hair strands. Use for scalp massage therapy, de-tangling & pre-poo treatment, and as hair penetrating/sealing oil. Learn more Zapi Hair Growth Stimulating Formula

2. Hair Nourishment Masque (Deep Conditioning Treatment) 12oz: This deep conditioning treatment increases curl elasticity, softness, bounce and nourishment. Learn more Zapi Hair Nourishment Masque

3. Hair Softener (Leave-in Conditioner) 8oz : This is a good hair moisturizer. It works great on both dry & wet hair. Smoothens hair for braids, makes combing and styling easy. Learn more here Zapi Hair Softener

4. Hair Seal & Shine 4oz: When used with Hair Softener keeps hair hydrated for 7days. Protects ends from tangling. Learn more here Zapi Hair Seal and Shine


Additional information

Weight1200 g
Dimensions8 × 6 × 6 in
Bonnet Option

Large Black Bonnet, Large Coral Pink Bonnet, Large Light Pink, Medium Black Bonnet, Medium Coral Pink Bonnet, Medium Light Pink

Cap Size

L (23.5-24.5”), L(24”-25”), M (22-23”), S (20-21”)


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