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Hair Growth Collection

$90.50 $54.00

This collection is for Wild growth, Manageability, Intense hydration, Moisture retention, Length retention, Vibrancy and Curl enhancement.


Designed For: Low porosity and Type 4 hair.

Products in this collection:
1. Hair Growth Stimulating Formula 4oz: This is oil and serum together. This will promote rapid growth, grease scalp, improve blood circulation around the scalp and strengthen hair strands. Use for scalp massage therapy, de-tangling & pre-poo treatment, and as hair penetrating oil. Learn more Zapi Hair Growth Stimulating Formula

2. Hair Nourishment Masque (Deep Conditioning Treatment) 12oz: This deep conditioning treatment increases curl elasticity, softness, bounce and nourishment. Learn more Zapi Hair Nourishment Masque

3. Hair Softener (Leave-in Conditioner) 8oz : This is a good hair moisturizer. It works great on both dry & wet hair. Smoothens hair for braids, makes combing and styling easy. Learn more here Zapi Hair Softener

4. Hair Seal & Shine 4oz: When used with Hair Softener keeps hair hydrated for 7days. Protects ends from tangling. Learn more here Zapi Hair Seal and Shine


Additional information

Weight 1200 g
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 6 in
Bonnet Option

Large Black Bonnet, Large Coral Pink Bonnet, Large Light Pink, Medium Black Bonnet, Medium Coral Pink Bonnet, Medium Light Pink

Cap Size

L (23.5-24.5”), L(24”-25”), M (22-23”), S (20-21”)


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