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1. Trim off some dead ends with a new set of scissors 1-2 times yearly. Get it done professionally if possible. 

2. Reduce exposing you type 4 hair. Coily hair is prone to knots 3x than type 3 hair. 

3. Finger detangle first before washing. If you don’t separate your coils and rake your fingers through before washing, oh Lawd!☹️

4. Reduce wash and gos! If you must wear this hairstyle, don’t wear more than 7days. 

5. Wear a good quality silk not satin bonnet to bed.

Recommended Product:  Zapi Adjustable Silk Lined Hair Bonnets

6. Don’t comb your coily dry hair. Use a conditioner before combing. 

7. Seal your ends properly and heavily with butter.

Recommended Product: Zapi Hair & Shine 

8. Don’t let people touch your hair and avoid touching your hair always. Low manipulative hairstyles will help keep your ends safe and tangle free.

9. Wash your hair in twists or twist hair after moisturizing and sealing. This will prevent the hair from curling up and tangling. It will also help stretch your hair for easy styling once dry.

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